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2015 Challenge Coin


The 2" silver coin is constructed of metal with an epoxy dome and is designed with the following images from the war:

Upper Left:  A Huey helicopter on approach to an unknown LZ and a Cobra preparing to fire on any resistance during the insertion.

Upper Right:  A partrol walks across the endless maze of dikes covering a sea of rice paddies.  A flight of 4 Hueys fly over the patrol after dropping off reinforcements.

Lower Left:  An F-4 Phantom drops its load of ordnance in support of ground forces engaged with the enemy.

Lower Right:  A Navy Patrol Boat patrols the tangled waterways of the Mekong Delta.

Middle Stripe:  The Green, Yellow, and Red stripe represents the colors from the Vietnam Service Ribbon.

Middle Soldier:  This soldier represents all those who fought in Vietnam.  He could be a US Marine on the DMZ, a member of the US Air Force protecting an airbase, a Navy SeaBee protecting a new airfield being constructed, or an Army Paratrooper protecting the perimeter on an LZ in the Central Highlands.