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2018 Challenge Coin


We are proud to announce the release of our 2018 Challenge Coin  

Each year, we design a coin that will capture the theme of our Veterans Day events.  This year, our theme THE BATTLES BETWEEN THE WARS focuses on the 25 years between 1975 to 2000.  This period saw our Nation's military rebuiding after the close of the Vietnam War.  Airborne and Special Operations forces responded to events around the globe.  Our Navy and Marine Corps deployed on carrier task forces whenever we wanted to project our strength in a region.  Technology, like stealth and other weapons and accessories, saw huge leaps in advancement.  The men and women in our Nation's uniform were the most professional and well trained military force we have ever fielded.

We are proud to announce the 2018 coin and hope that all Veterans who served during this time can see something that represents their service during this important time in our miliary history.


Description of the 2018 Challenge Coin -

SIZE:  Our antique gold finished coin is larger for 2018 at 2 1/4" in diameter.